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How to thrive after a subpar performance review

It is Annual Review time. Perhaps you skated through the last year's review with no problems. However, this year is a different matter entirely. Now, you are being placed on a performance improvement plan, facing demotion, and/or on the shortlist to be fired.

During this stressful time, it can be difficult to remain clear headed about your next course of action. Your first instinct may be to argue with your supervisor or completely withdraw into a stony silence.
However, in the long run, both strategies are largely ineffective.

Below are common reasons why you may have received a poor job performance review.
1. Sloppy work performance and poor attention to detail.
2. Inability or unwillingness to learn new skillsets.
3. Frequent tardiness, long lunches, skipping out of work early, and absenteeism.
4. Inappropriate behavior towards co-workers, vendors, and/or clients.
5. Lack of communication between you and your supervisor.
6. A fundamental personality clash between you and your supervisor.
7. Office politics.

Reasons 1-5 of the above-mentioned list are totally within your control. However, reasons 6 and 7 may require a lot of diplomacy on your part and outside intervention from Human Resources.

Below are 10 suggestions for thriving after a subpar workplace evaluation:

1. Give yourself time to absorb and process the subpar review.
2. Refrain from arguing with the supervisor.
3. Identify the root cause(s) of the bad review.
4. Schedule a 30 minute meeting with your supervisor to discuss and enact a workable action plan.
5. Incorporate parts of your review plan into your daily work practices.
6. Set up a weekly accountability meeting with your supervisor.
7. Cutback your time with the office water cooler crowd
8. Listen to motivational podcasts over your lunch breaks.
9. Attend any recommended workplace trainings.
10. Do not badmouth your supervisor.
11. Start updating your resume and cover letter.

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