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How to test well

Assessment time
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Coming soon to a school near you, students will be taking their first assessment for the semester year. “Don’t panic, take deep breathes and work through each problem,” is the popular advice given to testing students.

Below are additional suggestions for students this assessment period:
• Get a good night’s rest.
• The day of assessment eat a protein breakfast.
• Read the test questions before reading any passage.
• Do not rush, take time to understand what is being asked.
• As you read a passage write important observation in the column of each passage.
• If not a timed test, re-read passages to cross check answers.
• Check your arithmetic in algebraic, geometry, and calculus tests.
• On any exam ask the why question: “Why is this the correct answer”.
• Take time to match the answer selection with the correction alphabet.
• Cross out selections that are clearly incorrect.
• Don’t spend too much time on difficult questions, circle them to remind yourself to revisit them, then continue testing.

Though out the assessment, students should maintain positive thoughts to minimize any frustration. Repeating positive affirmation “you can do this” might be a good mantra during testing. Of course remember to maintain a mental mantra and not a verbal one, it will distract your neighbor. Whatever the process students should remember to keep it positive.

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