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How to Tell You Are Not Interested in Him

There is a guy in your life who is crazy about you. You can't help but feel that something is wrong. Maybe you aren't into him. Here are ways to tell that the guy you are talking to for a long time is not the guy that you want to be with.

1) You feel he is too clingy

2) He has more weak points than strong points

3) You are constantly complaining to your friends to him and call refer to him as "boring"

4) There are a lot of awkward silences when you are speaking to him

5) When his name appears on Facebook Chat or he calls you you don't feel anything

6) You dread of any future plans together

7) You don't feel the same way about him as you did with other guys in the past or other guys in your life now

8) You don't get tingles when you hear his name or see his face

9) If someone else in your life asks you out you would go with him in a heartbeat

10) You zone out whenever you speak to him

11) When you are on the phone with him and on Facebook as well you IM another guy on Messenger and tell him to make you laugh or just talk to him in general

12) You don't feel relaxed when you around him

13) You don't want to give up seeing other guys because of him

If you tell people you feel he is being too clingy and they tell you that you don't want to date, that is not the case. It could be that you do not want to date him. If you are doing any of these things than you are settling. Don't settle for the wrong guy because when the right guy does come along you will break this guys heart. So be honest and when the time is right you will meet that special someone.

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