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How to tell if your wife is cheating

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Have you noted that your wife is acting differently? Or has she changed her behavior? Is she making many excuses to have her time or to go to places that she wasn’t used to? If so, it may be happen that she is cheating on you. If you are suspicious, you should investigate to verify it is true before confronting her. Below are some steps of identifying a cheating wife which you can follow before making up your mind.

Changes in her social patterns

Change in the way she treats those who care about you- A cheating wife is likely to distant herself from them which is a sign of guilt. This is because she understands that they will be hurt by the affair. Additionally, she knows that your close friends and relatives will be able to tell that something is happening.

Going out with her girlfriends too often. - You should start thinking outside the box if your wife starts spending more time with social circles that don’t include you. Ask her who she goes out with and if she changes her story or if you are unable to get in touch with her while out, be sure that something is wrong.

Be keen if she starts telling you about a new friend- Women like talking about new exciting things happening in their life even if they are required to keep them as secrets.

Changes in her smoking or drinking habits- You may not note much of change if she smokes or drinks frequently. However, if she had no interest in cigarettes and alcohol before but she suddenly begins liking them, it may happen that she has a partner who is teaching her the new habits.

Spending more hours at work and business trips- She may claim to be spending more time at work which may indicate that she is spending the extra hours outside her office.

Sudden increase in amount of money she spends during an out - Extra marital affairs are at times very expensive to maintain. Take a look at her credit card statements and receipts. If there is sudden increase in the amount of money spent, it may happen that she is cheating. Additionally, consider her car mileage and if you notice she is driving more miles than the places she claims to be going, she might be driving out to see someone who she is not seeing.

Behavior changes at home

Change in her affection towards you- You can get suspicious if she suddenly distances herself from you or if she becomes inexplicably more affectionate toward you. This is because she can pay her attention to you more to ease her conscience of guilty.

Sudden changes in her phone habits- This is quite tricky since most women spend much of their time on the phone. You should be suspicious if she spends a lot of time texting or talking but hangs up once you enter the room. Ask her about the phone calls she receives particularly if she leaves the room to answer them.

If she starts nit-picking- A cheating wife can look for ways to justify herself such as becoming more concerned about your usual behavior.

Changes in her sexual behavior- You definitely expect your wife to be less interested in you sexually once she starts cheating on you. Nevertheless, some will be more interested in sex than before to alleviate the guilt of cheating on you or to use you to satisfy her sexual desire for another man who she can’t have in bed.

Make direct eye contact- A cheating wife will tend to avoid a direct eye contact with you as she feels guilty. She will try to turn away particularly when asking her what she was doing, where she has been or who she has been with.

Sudden changes in her grooming habits

Most spouses tend to let themselves go’ after staying married for a long time. Your wife may be trying to achieve good looks for someone else if she suddenly spruces herself up or dyes her hair.

Inhale her scent- Your wife may be in close contact with another man if she gets another scent such as men’s cologne that you don’t use. This is because most spouses get accustomed to the scent of their counterparts.

The above tips will help you determine whether she is not cheating on you. But remember to investigate properly can cause problems if you wrongly conclude that she in cheating on you.