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How to tell if your boyfriend is a moocher

Your boyfriend constantly tells you that he loves you and gives you regular displays of affection. But, you continue to feel as if something is missing. Be ware that he may be using you for what you have.

He has expensive gear, but is never employed for long

This guy needs to get his priorities in order. He is more concerned with looking good and impressing people than he is in being a responsible adult who works, raises children, and pays bills. Any slight will be all he needs to quit his job. For example, a coworker or supervisor tells him that he is spending too much time chatting after break. He assumes you will pick u p his slack without regards to how much you need his income in the home. This guy doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to find another job. As a matter of fact, he may go out of his way to avoid discussing money or relationship issues including dumping you for another woman.

He quits his job soon after he receives his income tax return check

Unless he has superior job skills or job prospects lined up, this is a sign that he doesn’t have very good work ethics. He has lowered his chances of becoming gainfully employed. More than likely he works a lot of dead end jobs or doesn’t really care if he finds another job at all. What is really upsetting is that this guy usually spends most of his money on himself without regards to what you have done for him. Or he may even leave you. Either you or his new woman will be there for him once he runs out of money is what he is thinking.

He lets you pay after the first date

This guy may treat you very well while you are out on a date. And while you are conversing he may even mention that he likes independent women and believes you are equal. And he will prove it to you by allowing you to pay for all or your portion of the check.

He sells drugs for a living

This guy is lacking in ambition unless his role model is Scarface or some other infamous drug dealer. However, as glamorous as he may seem, you can almost count on him listlessly standing around some place or another without doing much else. But, he manages to come home with a police record. And, therefore he can’t get a job at present. In this case, you may end up being the one to foot the bill. This is if you want to keep him around.

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