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How to...tell a friend that they don't look good

Welcome to your worst nightmare. You could be in a store, trying on clothes. You could be at home, ready to hit the town. You could be meeting up in a restaurant for lunch. All you know is, your friend just walked out, and they look terrible. And I mean, really terrible. What on earth are you meant to do?

Firstly, you need to decide whether they look bad enough for you to say something, or whether it's just that they dress in a completely different style to you. You may not like what your friend is wearing, but is it actually bad? It could be that you learn to bite your tongue and accept that your friend just loves putting orange and blue together – but if they are truly wearing something awful, that doesn't fit, or is tight in all the wrong places, you need to say something. After all, you would want to be told if you were wearing something so unflattering, right?

So how do you go about it? Accept that this conversation isn't going to be pretty, but it's necessary. Choose your location wisely. If you're in a store, try to dissuade your friend from buying what they are trying on before you even start to have the conversation. If they ask why, just say that you don't think it suits them. That is a cover all phrase that you will be able to expand on later. If you are at the restaurant, best not to say anything there. You don't want anyone else to overhear, and you definitely don't want to cause a scene. Just be careful not to compliment her – you don't want to have to backtrack later.

The best place to have that conversation is privately, preferably at her house so that you can leave when you want to. Explain that you love her, and you think that her body is fabulous, but there are some things that she is wearing that just are not doing her gorgeous bod justice. If she gets upset, make sure that you never make it personal. Always remain calm, and explain that you would want to be told if you could be wearing something that makes you look better. Then quickly suggest other styles or fits that would do her justice.

It is never an easy conversation, but a true friend won't take it personally. She'll be glad for the advice: and you never know, soon it could be you!

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