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How to tease hair

Teasing is necessary for big hair
Teasing is necessary for big hair

Teasing the hair is a wonderful way to get big and voluminous hair. Even though teasing (technically known as backcombing) reached the "height" of its popularity in the big-hair days of the 80s, this technique is a good skill to learn because it opens the door to a variety of hairstyles, from glamorous up-dos to trendy avant-garde looks.

The first step is to properly prepare the hair. If the hair too smooth or "slippery", you will have difficulty teasing it. Begin with clean dry hair that has no shine product applied to it, as this will make the hair too slippery to tease. Evenly and lightly mist the hair with a quick-drying hair spray or a hair powder in order to add some "grip" to the hair.

Hair can be teased using a variety of tools, from specially-designed teasing combs to nylon bristle brushes and even the fingers. The amount of teasing desired will determine the type of tool you choose. A comb will provide maximum teasing with a firm base. Brushes will provide a moderate amount of volume and height. Fingers can be used to a minimal amount of teasing, in order to provide a slight amount of lift to the hair at the root area.

In order to tease the hair, grab a section of the hair and comb it straight away from the head at a 90 degree angle. At this angle, you will achieve maximum volume. Now insert the teeth of the comb into the section of the hair, about halfway up the strand. It is a good idea to insert the comb with the teeth pointed forward, so that when you tease the hair, the side that will be visible will be smoother. Holding the ends of the hair with one hand, use your other hand to push the comb down toward the scalp. If done correctly, the hair will form a "cushion" near the roots. Repeat as often as necessary to build the desired height.

When moving on to a new section, make sure to combine the section that has been previously teased so that the amount of teasing is consistent throughout. If you find that the hair hard to tease, try using a comb with narrower teeth. After the hair has been teased, use a brush to lightly smooth the surface and then spray with a firm hold hair spray to secure the style.