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How to teach a daughter self-love:

Our children today are taught very little about what a healthy relationship looks like. Many young girls yearning for love will sacrifice any remaining self-esteem or self-worth for the affection of a male suitor.They will sublimate their power over to a boy for his affection. Some will sacrifice their own child at a boyfriend’s request. Next, many naïve young girls will get into drugs to win their boyfriend’s approval and affection.

However, despite this occurring on a national level very little has been done to educate our daughters. Many mothers suffer from the exact same fate. They too have no concept of what it looks like to possess self-love. Their children are suffering from their mistakes.
In order to empower our daughters’ vital lessons need to be taught at home.

1) A daughter who possesses self-love will follow through on her own dreams and passions.
2) Her feelings matter to an equal degree as any male.
3) No man will value her until she values herself.
4) Nobody can hurt her feelings unless she allows it.
5) No man will value her body until she values it.
6) Until she loves her body 100%, she will attract a male to teach her this painful lesson.

7) She is responsible for her own emotions. Nobody can be blamed for how she is feeling.
8) The more she believes in herself the more others will as well.
9) The more she searches for love outside herself the more painful the relationship will be.
10) A daughter with self-love will set healthy boundaries with male suitors.
11) A daughter with self-love will not stay in a relationship where her needs are not met.
12) A daughter with self-love listens to her inner voice.
13) Her opinions are as equally as important as any males.

14) A daughter with self-love will not let a male push her into anything she does not want to do.
15) A daughter with self-love follows her heart.
16) A daughter with self-love knows her family matters as much as his.
17) A daughter with self-love stands up for herself.
18) A daughter with self-love evaluates both sides of criticism so she does not get stuck in her emotions.

19) A daughter with self-love will not be pushed into any relationship by a male.

Many of the young girls today are paying a heavy price for low self-esteem. One in five females is medicated on psychiatric medication by their Doctors. They sublimate their health over to a medical professional with more initials behind their name. They miss the lesson from learning their role in their painful relationships by going unconscious on psychiatric medication. Next, she is taught that how she feels is due to another person thus losing power and control over her life.

Next, the mothers pass down this victim mentality to their daughters. Thus teaching them that outside forces have power over their life. If you really want to empower your daughter than model self-love at home.



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