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How to take care of your ice skates

Have you just purchased your first pair of ice skates? Now that you own your own pair of skates, make sure you follow the simple guidelines below so your skates will last and continue to make your ice skating experience fun.

  • Bring a clean towel or rag with you to the ice rink so your can always dry your blades thoroughly after skating.
  • Get your blades sharpened on a regular basis by a professional ice skating technician.
  • Always wear skate guards on ice skating blades when walking on hard surfaces, floors, and/or concrete.
  • After drying your blades thoroughly, cover and store the blades inside of towel-like soakers.
  • Never leave or store your blades inside of plastic or rubber skate guards. Doing so will cause your blades to rust.
  • Polish your skating boots regularly.
  • In addition to drying your blades thoroughly, dry off your boot's sole completely.
  • Open up the tongues of your skating boots a bit so they can air out after each skating session.
  • Do not attempt to walk around or skate in ice skates without the boots being completely laced up. Doing so will cause your boots to break down prematurely.
  • Replace broken ice skate laces immediately.
  • Have an experienced ice skate technician mount your blades and replace the screws at the bottom of your skating boots when necessary.

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