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How to Survive in NYC

How to Survive in NYC

New York City is a tough place, where only the strong survive- until now. is a new tool created to help New Yorkers discuss, discover, and survive NYC, together.

The topic discussions are infinite. New Yorkers have A LOT to say! You can discuss Education, Parenting, Health, Fitness, Events, and so much more. All ages, races, sexes, and opinions are welcome and encouraged to come and say what they need to say, ask, complain, poll, wonder or share anything and everything NYC.

The stress of living and working in New York City definitely takes a toll on one’s health and well being; had filled the necessary void of an online open forum in which New Yorkers can share valuable information with each other.

Don’t you ever wish as a parent you had someone to ask for advice about anything? That’s what survive NYC is for.whether you are looking to find the best playground, walk-in medical clinic, or slice of pizza in the area, survive NYC gives you real and trusted advice from the people of NYC.

Go ahead, complain together about the potholes, disagree about the Knicks, and ask where to go for a cheap lunch of a fancy dinner. Let’s help each other survive in NYC.


Feel free to share your experience ,comments or questions about life in New York City in the comments section below and then head over to check out survive NYC where everybody is somebody and nobody is a stranger.