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How to survive a zombie attack

How to survive
Players: 1 – 2
Genre: Survival Horror
By 505 games, Eko Software, PhysX by Nvidia

How to survive screenshots
How to survive screenshots
How to survive

Wake up fellow gamers! You have found yourself stranded on a remote island after your ship went down at sea and after talking with another marooned survivor you learn you are also on this island filled with creatures that want to eat you. In this first glance at “How to survive” we see a very intricate micro managing system that adds a much-needed realistic feel compared to tons of zombie survival games.

Besides managing your overall health bar as you deal with the ferocious inhabitants of this island you also monitor things like your stamina, hunger, thirst and fatigue. These things all impact how well you fair against the never ending droves of zombies and the nighttime threats. Nightfall is something to fear in “How to survive” will an introduction of nocturnal monsters that are more powerful, much faster and aggressive than the zombies you encountered during the day. These beast hate the light so making sure you can start a fire is key, its also the first thing you can learn to do on your skill tree as you level up.

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