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How to survive a zombie attack part 2

How to survive
Players: 1 – 2
Genre: Survival Horror
By 505 games, Eko Software, PhysX by Nvidia

More on How to survive
More on How to survive
Kovac's Rules

Continuing with “How to survive”

As you play at night you’ll begin to notice important things like walking with a torch will keep nocturnes at bay from all angles and can be used as a weapon to set fire to zombies and surrounding bush. The downside to a torch is that it is a consumable item and will eventually burn out. The flashlight is a great source of light giving you a greater spread of light in one direction, also pushing back nocturnes a greater distance. The downside to this source of light is that it leaves your back constantly in the dark and if you forget to turn around regularly you’ll find that you are not as alone as You’d like to be. With so many options you should be glad to have “Kovacs Rules”. Kovacs Rules is the interactive survival guide used to explain the mechanics of the game and give helpful hints that greatly improve your survival rate. Kovacs Rules will explain the different types of monsters and how to create new weapons, medicines and identify healthy things to eat. Graphically this game looks amazing as downloadable content and for $15 dollars its definitely worth the cash and time to play. The top down interface gives you a good view of the play area and the fixed orientation of the camera ensures you know if you’re going north or south. The controls are easy to learn with them straying from the typical style of laying out controllers. Overall this looks like a great game and we’re looking forward to providing a full walk through so stay tuned. For more on this game and others checkout Max@Play.

Question of the day: If you could only carry one object at night during this game, which would it, be “The Flash Light” or “The Torch”? Leave your answer in comment section below.

Tags: Zombie, How to survive, Downloadable Content, Xbox 360, Horror

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