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How to survive a stressful relationship

Stress can wreak havoc on a person’s immune system. Nothing is more stressful than being married to a person who yells for his or her method of communication. Often times this is a control freak trying to use passive aggressive means to gain control over you. However, a person who grew up in a similar household environment can become incapacitated with such behavior. The yelling results in them disassociating from the experience.

Many people bring in childhood triggers into their adult relationships. Lisa had a very over bearing father with a long history in the military. His loud voice would make her stop in her tracks and drop everything. Her childhood memories consisted of his screaming and verbal abuse to get his needs met.

Next, she married an overbearing civil litigator who was used to raising his voice in the court room. Lisa had trouble relaxing and achieving clarity. Loud noises would generate a startle response and her cortisol (stress hormones) were through the roof. Many feel stuck in their relationships due to small children, religion, culture, or financial matters.

The problem is living in stress on a daily basis can really take a toll on one’s health. Many turn to self-medicating with pills or alcohol. While some just find some other activity to escape in. These all serve as a Band-Aid and do little to solve one’s problem. Nor do they contribute to your ability to come up with a solution.

Lisa could be helped by altering her brain wave frequency. Stress only exists at the Beta level of frequency. Lisa’s dysfunctional childhood left her with a very low threshold to tolerating yelling and stress. She tends to react in an exaggerated form due to her childhood experience. This results in her not being able to control her emotional state. Nor does she feel she can obtain restful sleep. has a wonderful product that can help elevate her ability to handle stress in her environment. Their cd raises brain wave frequency so that a person does not over react to stress. A person with an addiction is often stuck at a lower Beta brain wave frequency. In higher brain wave frequencies one feels at peace and does not get stuck in negative emotions.

The brain can be conditioned to stay at these higher frequencies by listening to the cd every day for thirty minutes for 4 months. It works on the neuroplasticity of the brain. Lisa will become more aware of her environment as well as less reactive to current stressors. Next, she will stop disassociating when yelled at. She will now be in control of her emotional state without re-experiencing painful childhood memories.If Lisa no longer reacts to her husband’s yelling than it will most likely discontinue. She will not give her power away in the process.

Many people do indeed love each other but unfortunately bring their own set of dysfunctional communication patterns into their adult relationships. One’s childhood really does have a profound impact on being able to bond in an intimate relationship. Lisa can now not be impacted by a yelling mate. Once her threshold to stress has been raised she will be better able to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, too many suffer and get stuck in their emotions and then relive their past painful memories. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD do not exist at these higher brain wave frequencies.

Relationships will bring both pain and pleasure!

Focus on the pleasure and watch it expand!

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