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How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying

And the poor shall inherit the earth. But the rich are taking over Congress. And statehouses together with governorships.

Show Me the Money
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What does it take to make it in politics today? A checkbook! Checkered past? No problem. Criminals on your staff- yes Mississippi Tea Party-that would be you- no worries. Chris McDaniel finally lost to the sitting senator Thad Cochran who looks old enough to have witnessed the Hindenburg disaster. Both candidates had fistfuls of money. But the Tea Party is whinging: Cochran used dirty tricks. He appealed to and persuaded many blacks and other Democrats who hadn’t voted in the primary to support him in the runoff.

McDaniel and the Tea Party were outraged. OUTRAGED. This was, after all Mississippi. One does not encourage black voters. One must make them jump up, turn around, pick a bale of cotton* before they can vote.

*Colorful language to note that non-existent voter fraud is an excuse to bear down on people who generally vote for the Democrats.

Let’s be real. Both parties are bought and sold. Yes, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto and Oil Companies, the Congress does work for you.

But for some reason, the GOP are just better bag men. The xenophobia, racism and misogyny are sprinkles on the hate-filled sundae.

Back to money in politics. Thank you George W. Bush. To repay the Supreme Court for putting you into an office you were not elected to, you decided to add hacks and conmen to the bench.

And voila- Citizens United. Because allowing corporations to donate as much money as they want to the political process can’t possible generate any problems. (There should be a sarcasm font.)

Watergate: Follow the Money. Jerry McGuire: Show me the Money.

And that is all that you need know.

Money. Do Re Mi. Koch Brothers onboard.

And it is always about the money. There are no David and Goliath type contests occurring. Except with multi million dollar slingshots. David (not the Biblical one) Brat did not defeat Eric Cantor because he had a song in his heart and a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington dream. Millions of dollars of dark money went to conservative radio hosts who happily denigrated Cantor and extolled the virtues of a soon to be well-known college professor. In fact, Brat received free advertising that was better than paid commercials because many voters distrust such ads. So wait, Laura Ingram is earning her pay. Bees are dropping like flies: so yes, conservative talk is sliming the airways. (Okay all the chemicals in the crops could be killing the bees. Maybe a better analogy is that dogs are barking.)

Back to the topic at hand.

What about intelligence, integrity, personal ethics and dedication to help in a career in politics?

Pshaw. That does not buy you a media team.

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