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How to style your closet & Rocking denim

Do you think it's extremely hard to style your closet? Well if you do, then there's nothing to it than you really think and it's pretty simple and far from hard.

Styling your closet doesn't take a rocket scientist, it just takes a simple vision and imagination like you were turning your closet into a boutique inspired one. But how do you do that? Simply go to your closet and empty it out completely, then what you do is take 3 black garbage bags to see what you will keep, toss or put in storage. This is for when you get confused with what you don't want in your closet.

However, styling your closet isn't a hard thing and the purpose for styling your closet and giving it an amazing audit where you will see what looks good hanging up in your closet and what doesn't go which also gives you room for the new while you get rid of the old. Just like the saying; "out with the old, in with the new".

Cause when it comes to closet auditing and styling your closet, you should put the colors together, organize your belts, tops, shirts and dresses and jeans as well as organizing it and putting your trends together and making it look like you've got more in your closet than most folks would so with that, a little closet audit isn't a hard one to fix. It just takes a little touching up in order to build it for a whole new wardrobe and that's how you deal with a little closet auditing.

Now with Denim, is it really all about denim

When it comes to denim and denim capri, what comes to your mind?

Did you know that denim is and always will be the new uniform and goes with just about everything. But when you dress up your outfit with some jeans, you can hook up your outfit with a nice top, tank top or even a blouse and some nice peep toe shoes or a simple stiletto depending on the cut of the jeans.

Remember with jeans, you can even wear it at almost every function there is all cause nothing is ever really casual anymore, not even when it says so on a party invite.

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