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How to study any book of the Bible


How to study any book of the Bible       Photograph by Judy Moyer

There is a simplified way to study the Bible, to get further clarification and understanding of any book or chapter of the Bible without spending a lot of money. All you really need is a Bible and an older edition of the Webster dictionary. The older the better as the words haven’t been changed to fit today’s times and Noah Webster was a Christian. If you can’t find a Webster, then, a Merriam/Webster dictionary is next best. You can find them at garage or yard sales, antique stores, estate sales, second hand stores or ask your friends or older relatives if they have an old Webster dictionary they don’t want anymore.

For this study example we’ll do 3 verses of Psalm 91 in the King James Version of the Bible.
All we are simply going to do is go through the verses, one at a time, looking up the major words of the verse in the dictionary; not the words the, and, or, in, etc., and use those meanings to repeat the verse back in the new way which will help in our understanding of what is being said. As you look in the dictionary there may be several meanings for a word; make sure to choose the meaning that best fits with the context.

Avoid the temptation
There will be a temptation to be distracted, to look at other words as you are going through the dictionary.
The devil does not want you to study the Bible so he will be tempting you to be attracted to other words. Stay focused and don’t let your eyes stray.

Let’s get started:

Verse 1:
He that dwelleth
in the secret place
of the most High
shall abide under
the shadow of
the Almighty.

dwell: to tarry, to abide; remain, to abide as a resident, to live in a place.
secret: hidden from others, revealed to none or to few.
place: a locality or a spot
most: the greatest in degree
high: lifted up, lofty, tall, elevated
shall: will, must
under: concealment
shadow: protecting cover, shelter
Almighty: having power over all
Now, using the meanings, put them into a sentence and just see how the verse opens up to even more wonderful enlightenment:
He that remains or abides as a resident in the locality of the Greatest will be hidden from others and will be concealed in the protecting cover or shelter of the One having power over all.

Verse 2:
I will say of the LORD,
He is my refuge and my fortress
My God
In him will I trust.

say: to utter
LORD: one who has power and authority
refuge: shelter or protection from danger, distress, etc; asylum or place where one is safe or protected
fortress: a fortified place
trust: assured reliance on another’s integrity, justice, etc.

I will utter of the one who has power and authority: He is my shelter, my protection from danger and distress, my asylum, my safe place, my fortified place, in Him I will have assured reliance on His integrity and justice.

 Verse 3:
Surely he shall deliver thee
from the snare of the fowler
and from the noisome pestilence.

surely: undoubtedly
deliver: to set free from restraint, to release, to rescue from evil
snare: anything by which one is entangled
fowler: hunter
noisome: noxious, harmful, disgusting
pestilence: any contagious or infectious epidemic disease

Undoubtedly God will set me free, rescue me from the evil entanglement of the hunter (satan) and from harmful, contagious, infectious, epidemic diseases.

This does take some time but just look at the way scripture has opened up, with a more in depth look, even more than by just surface reading. And we have only gone through three verses so far! You won’t want to do any speed reading, here. You’ll want to slow down in order to fully understand what God is trying to say to you. You could go out and purchase an Amplified Bible which is something similar to this but look at the blessing you’ve received by doing this all on your own and you haven’t spent a fortune.  God wants his people to read His word. He didn't make it complicated or just for certain people to interpret for you.  These are love letters to you. 

You’ll surely want to go all the way through and finish Psalm 91 and, then, go on to other books/chapters in the Bible. Happy Studying!

Another way to make scripture come alive is to personalize it by putting your self in the verse. And you do that by using the words me, my, and I in the place of you, thee, your, etc.

“Everyone that thirsts come to the waters (the word of God) and he that has no money; come, buy and eat; yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Isaiah 55:1



  • Craig Lounsbury 5 years ago

    Or one could skip the King James version and the "older the better" dictionary and pick up a more modern version of the Bible.

  • Judy 5 years ago

    Fast food is faster but, then, the express excitement and joy of finding hidden treasure and the time spent in fellowship with God is uncomparable. A fresh word straight from God and not through another. Plus, there was an inner leading that the King James version is the most accurate translation and so, this form of study was an attempt to further understand what was written.

  • Craig Lounsbury 5 years ago

    "A fresh word straight from God and not through another."
    I am not sure I understand your point. Is that to suggest that the KJV was inspired directly from God and say the NIV has a middle man?

    "an inner leading that the King James version is the most accurate translation"
    There are many who suggest otherwise with sound reason. Many older biblical manuscripts were uncovered post KJV. Later Scholars had the advantage if more and older biblical writings to work with.

  • Judy 5 years ago

    "a fresh word straight from God and not through another" meaning in reading the Bible, then, meditating while looking up word meanings, it seems as though fresh insight comes from above and enlightens. A fresh discovery of my own from God, fresh food.
    "an inner leading thet the KJV was most accurate" is simply that... an inner leading. Which was later backed up by reading several Trinitarian Bible Society pamphlets.(Ph:616-456-0564)
    "The Divine Original","The Authorised Version","The New International Version" (which shows omitted passages that are still included in the KJV)

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