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How to strategically enter the Elite Eight in job search

Phoenicians may be busy checking out their brackets and determining whether the state favorite Wildcats will be moving forward tonight. Job seekers in the Valley of the Sun should approach job search in many of the ways that the teams in the Elite Eight worked to get to this point in March Madness. Take a look at how you can prepare to move past the phone interview and into the Elite Eight of job search.

  • Recruit support players. Heading into the job search requires assistance from friends and your professional network. Make sure that you have your resume, phone interview skills, and questions for employers evaluated by a reliable second resource.
  • Have multiple game plan options. Don’t apply for only one type of company or one type of position. Determine what your overall transferable skills are and then look for companies that you can add value to with your expertise in those areas.
  • Be ready to execute effectively. In the phone interview stage, establish the ways you have experience that separates you from the competition. Consider your industry specific, technical, language, and other skills that are most relevant for the position you are interviewing for.
  • Exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship. Competing for a job is not a friendly exercise. You can tell an employer why they should hire you instead of the other candidates by focusing on what they need, and how you have the ability to do those activities on the job. Part of job search sportsmanship includes consistent professional communication via email and phone to maintain the connection to the employer. Ultimately, you want the employers to know that you are passionate about winning the job.
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