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How to store produce: Tips for keeping fruit fresh & spring vegetables crisp

Intro: If you know how to store produce, you'll keep all those delish spring vegetables like asparagus fresh and bananas tasty. However, not knowing the best ways to store produce can mean less than stellar apples and wilted spinach. If you want to fully enjoy the tastes of the fruits and vegetables in season, then you'll want to make note of these tips for storing produce.

Basic Tips for How to Store Produce

How to Keep Apples Fresh? Keeping Them & Your Other Fruits Cold

It's the cold temps in your ice box that are the keys (or at least one of them) for keeping fruit fresh. I know I love cold apples and the fridge keeps mine nice and crispy. However, Vegetarian Times warns that storing produce in the refrigerator only slows down the respiration process for your fresh foods.

Naturally, you're not limited to only storing apples in the fridge. Most produce belongs in there, but remember, there is a shelf life on produce even if you do keep it cool so be sure to eat it up.

Your berries for smoothies you can store in the fridge for up to 10 days, but really you should try to eat them. Don't wash them right away if you don't plan on eating them: They perish pretty quickly.

Broccoli and cauliflower can be in there for up to five days, but should be eaten before they go brown.

And one of my most favorite fruits in season, grapes, last up to two weeks, unless they're in my fridge, then they don't, but it's not because they go bad.

Spring Vegetables - A Cautionary Tale

That said, some fresh vegetables and fruit should not be stored directly together. For example, don't store peaches and spinach in the same cooler. Why? The gases from one wreaks havoc on the other.

Best Way to Store Produce That Isn't Refrigerated

Now wait a second…Didn't I say that produce should be refrigerated? Yes, I did say that produce in season should be in the fridge, but there's a corollary. Fruits and vegetables in season should be in the fridge except for the ones that shouldn't be.

Here's a list of fruits and veggies to be kept out:








Confused yet? Here are some links to help you decide how to store produce in season.

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One More Tip for Storing Produce

And be sure to watch the video! If you tend to eat a lot of fresh produce like I do, it'll teach you how to store produce in large quantities so you can always enjoy your fruits and vegetables in season.

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