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How to stop springtime acne

Skin Care Heaven offers advice on how to avoid springtime acne.
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With the cold winter weather starting to disappear and the warmer temperatures starting to rise, everyone wants to retreat outdoors. Springtime is the best time for outdoor activities and sports.

But with that said, a word of caution is being mindful in how acne flare-ups can start during this season, too. When sweat and oil gets finds its way into someone’s pores, pimples will emerge.

Warmer weather triggers sebaceous glands to create oil on the skin; and, oily skin is the top reason for breakouts.

If someone is getting acne in these areas, more than likely, it’s from oily skin:




And acne just doesn’t happen to teenagers. Under certain conditions, adults may be prone to it, too.

Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce skin care store in San Diego and skin research center, offers the following tips to help avoid springtime acne:

*Find a professional acne treatment system

*Wear oil-free sunscreen when outdoors

*After perspiring, wash face as soon as possible

*Decrease moisturizer applications to a few times per week

*Use a non-soap facial cleanser

*Use oil-free and non-comedogenic skin care products and makeup

These simple tips can help keep skin looking luminous and healthy during the sunny months of spring and summer.

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