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How to stop rosacea from happening to you

Milk Studios backstage
Milk Studios backstage
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Triggers for rosacea is simply put like this; anything and everything triggers it. We could stop the article right here and now because what’s trigging it is everywhere and it surely seems like you’ll never get it under control, but there are a few tips that you can use to control it.

From certain foods, drinks, temperatures, activities, and even emotions- they’re all triggers for rosacea. More common triggers, like products and medications, make controlling it even harder due to lack of options.

The causers of rosacea are food, especially spicy or hot food, and drinks like alcoholic beverages, or hot drinks. And it’s not just the temperature in food that can trigger your rosacea, but with all weather conditions being triggers too, you almost have to live like a vampire so that your rosacea won’t flare. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold, hot, humid, windy, or sunny you should be worried about those specific blood vessels rising to the surface and causing your skin to look flush.

You can’t even get emotional during the day, because of a very possible flare-up but at least you can control it at some possible level- a person suffering from rosacea can avoid exercise or heavy exertion to avoid causing it to flare. That may not have been the comfort you were hoping for, but it’s true that how you exercise will make the condition worse- but it’s possible to keep it under control if you’re aware of how much your body can take before triggering it to flare. You might as well avoid hot baths and saunas too, because any hot environment will make rosacea trigger.

If you think that’s bad then try not to have menopause ladies- because you’re surely to really suffer from rosacea then. Oh, and chronic coughing, caffeine withdrawal syndrome, stress or anxiety, and sudden change in emotion like even feeling embarrassed or bursting out into laughter will cause a break-out of rosacea so a lot is working against you if you have rosacea.

Doctors still don’t know the cause of rosacea, but it is recommended that you always use sunscreen to protect your skin- especially for those suffering from rosacea. More advice comes from Dr. Perricone as she announced how to control rosacea, and in

• Follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Eat more Wild Alaskan Salmon and dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and watercress. Complex carbs such as Quinoa, beans and vegetables are a must!
• Supplements are your nutritional safety net- increase your intake of Omega-3s, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C Ester.
• No harsh scrubs or chemicals to be used topically ever. Remember, over-exfoliating creates inflammation on the skin and damages the epidermis leading to advanced aging.
• Decline from drinking alcohol, sugar, wheat, all sodas including diet, coffee, fried, spicy, and processed fast food. I can tell with my Rosacea clients whether they’ve indulged on a night on the town drinking alcohol. The skin does not lie!
• There is no cure for Rosacea, but many of my clients who suffer from it find that Cold Plasma and the Acyl-Glutathione have significantly brought down inflammation in the skin, making their skin less red.

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