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How to Stop Gas after Eating


Have you ever been in a situation wherein you knew that you had to pass gas or burp but you were trying to avoid it because you were with people that you would like to impress? Almost everyone has gone through this situation and this is truly embarrassing but it is just normal. You have to remember that the human body gets large amounts of gas every day because of the food that people eat, the liquids that people drink and even because of the air that people ingest.

What is gas pain after eating

While most of the time, people are able to produce the right amount of gas, there are times when the gas becomes overboard and it can stay in the stomach for a certain period of time. Excess gas can be painful especially when you are trying your hardest to hold it in. You can always choose to let go so that the pain will somewhat lessen. In order to avoid excess gas that might give you pain or embarrass you, there are some things that you can do.

Best remedies for excess gas pain after eating

• Eat smaller food products especially those that are considered to give people more amount of gas than other food products. In case you are not sure about food that you should avoid when you would like to avoid a gassy situation, here are just some:

1. Beans – We have already heard about that song wherein beans are referred to as a magical type of food product because it can produce a lot of gas but most people do not know that aside from beans, other legumes should also be avoided because they can give the same effect.

2. Carbonated Drinks – Have you ever wondered why you have the urge to burp after drinking your favorite carbonated drink? This is probably because of the excess gas that can be accumulated by the body.

3. Dairy Products – People who are lactose intolerant already know that they would have to pass gas after consuming dairy products but there are also some who just develop more gas after consuming anything dairy.

Remember that aside from these food products, there will still be some that you have to avoid such as certain raw vegetables and fruits. There are also some people who develop excess gas when they eat food products that have been processed such as salad dressings and even hotdogs. Know what food products can make you gassy because gassy food sometimes differs from person to person.

• Avoid eating too quickly. People have different reasons why they usually eat quickly. Some people do it because they are already hungry and they would like to put food on their bodies as soon as possible but there are also some that eat quickly because they are used to it. When you eat quickly, you ingest a lot of unwanted air and this can lead to bloating and having excess gas on your stomach area.

• Avoid smoking – There are some people who cannot stop smoking because they are already addicted to it but some have probably realized that they can get excess gas because of it. In order to avoid this from happening, what you can do is to stop smoking altogether. You have to remember that every time you puff, you are also ingesting a lot of unwanted air.

• Know all of your prescription medications. There are instances when depending on the medication that you are taking; you will develop excess gas on your stomach. Usually, when you have certain digestive conditions, you can also have more excess gas. In order to avoid this from happening, you can always ask your doctor about it and ask for some alternative things that you can do.

• Have yourself checked for possible digestive problems that may be causing you to burp, belch or pass gas often. There are some people who do not realize that they are already suffering from gastritis and that condition is the main reason why they always have excess gas on their stomachs. Once you know the problem, seek for the proper help in order to address the problem properly.

Do remember that there are times when having excess gas can also lead to heart burn. Heart burn is pain that is usually felt below the heart and sometimes spread at the chest area. To avoid getting uncomfortable, take medications for heart burn and do not prolong it. It will only be bad for you if you try to avoid it.

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