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How to Stop Feeling Miserable About Love

Do you feel miserable and burned out on a regular basis? Do you feel you’re the only making an effort in your relationship?

Are you satisfied with your romantic relationship?
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Many people find themselves hating their romantic relationships but they don’t leave because of all the time they feel they spent preparing to make their relationships turn out right.

Sometimes sticking it out works, but most cases sticking it out doesn’t mean everything will get better over time ( days, weeks, years, life times).

Why do people remain in bad relationships? Most stay in bad relationships because they feel things are bad based on something hyper-specific they did and they want so badly to change the outcome to something better.

But in all honesty,sacrificing the real love that awaits beyond the bad relationship is not worth it. You have experienced misery but you don’t have to stay there.

Romanticizing off the best of times does not make up the reality of the present. If you have ever been physically abused, emotionally abused or you have had a series of bad relationships, day dreaming of better days with your abuser doesn’t change the outcome. Your abuser is still that…an abuser.

You’re day dreaming because you were led to believe your abuser loved you so much that some day he/she would do better. But most cases people never change old habits, they learn to hide their behaviors better.

To break out of the bad cycle, you have to remove yourself out of the negative environment.

What led you to this relationship choice? What motivated you to keep pressing on even when misery seemed to grow? When did you start doubting your relationship choices? When did you stop working through your relationship problems and started contemplating whether you should continue or not?

Being in denial that you’re not in the right relationship is considered a very strong defense mechanism. When you believe you love someone, you are more inclined to ignore warning signs that this person is not out to bring out the best in you.

When you feel you have no other choice but to press on in misery, it’s time to get out of that poor relationship. If your significant other treats you with disrespect and you feel in your gut that something is just not right about the situation, you need to safely leave the relationship.

Don’t allow the pressure of friends and family persuade you to stay when everything feels wrong. Remember, you’re the one that has to live your life.

When you’re in touch with your true feelings, you can better comprehend whether you are recently dissatisfied or you have been dissatisfied the whole time.

If you want honest advice, here’s your honest advice:

If you feel in your gut a relationship is not meant for you, don’t stay. If you feel like you made a mistake by being in that relationship, you are doing the right thing by exploring all your dating options.

Don’t date just because you’re running away from a bad relationship. Date because you are running toward what you really are looking for in a relationship. To know what you’re looking for in a healthy, loving relationship, it’s going to take some self-reflecting on what’s holding you back from real love. By knowing what makes you unhappy about your bad relationship, you can avoid falling into another similar, abusive, miserable relationship in the future.

It’s an unfortunate and scary reality to self-evaluate your poor life choices, but it’s worth it if it means you open a door of opportunity to find a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Now, if you hit a little bump in the road from time to time in your relationship, you don’t have to give up or cheat on your partner. Bumps in the road happen and will always happen, but if you both love each other and mutually respect one another, you’ll find a way to do what you need to do to work your relationship issues out to the best of your ability as a couple. It takes compromise to do it, but you can do it. Just make sure you’re spending your time wisely and with the right person. Don’t let bad times be the reason you feel you have to leave an otherwise healthy relationship. Don’t let investing too much time in a poor relationship be the reason you feel you have to stay in a bad relationship, a relationship that’s just not right for you.

Going through a couple of relationships in one’s youth is normal. In fact, it’s understandable, you’re finding yourself. Don’t let mistakes consume and define you. You have your whole life to live, live your life like it's golden.

Your goals will change. Your dreams will change. In life you have to be prepared to change and adjust when life hands you lemons.

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