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How to Stop Dating No Good Men

Do you find yourself dating toxic men time after time? You can break the bad habit of falling in love (or lust) with toxic men by learning what kinds of men are dangerous for you to date and love. Take the focus off of pleasing and chasing men, and start finding ways to get closer to yourself. Yes, yourself.

You cannot attract a good man, if you don’t feel good about yourself. A good man isn’t controlling. A good man doesn’t make you feel unloved or under appreciated. He reminds you that he is attracted to you, even in small acts.

You don’t have to fake how you feel for a real man to love and want you. When you hide what you feel, you end up killing your self-esteem and self respect. If you don’t respect or appreciate yourself, a man will lose attraction to you.

All you have to do to find a good man is be okay being yourself and letting go of your fears about love, as well as any negative beliefs you have about all men. You haven't met every man in the world and not every man is going to be a clown. There are good men out here, you just have to be willing to date and keep dating until you find a man that's devoted to you and wants to share and build his life with you.

When you’re dating or involved with a no good man, know you can never change him and it’s up to him and only him to be a better man. In a bad relationship, it’s your job to yourself to walk away from the toxic man.

The reason women stay with toxic men for long periods of time is that the toxic men have some positive character traits and the good times are in fact amazing times, but they don’t outnumber the times the men made you feel unimportant, unloved.

The reason you’re with toxic men is based on your fear of real intimacy. You don’t think you’re worthy of real love. Until you find yourself worth, you'll find yourself encountering toxic men every time. You can read up on ways to appreciate you everyday on for more information on how to stop dating toxic men.

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