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How to stop absorbing other people’s energy, Infinite Waters

The world is full of people and drama. You see it every day on the news, the radio, newspapers, relatives, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, and standing in line at the checkout. It’s highly stressfull, it can be addicting, and it’s a distraction to staying true to yourself and your own path.

How to stop absorbing other people’s energy, Infinite Waters
Infinite Waters

You have the power within

Energy vampires, they are parasites. They live and breathe off of your emotions and have a knack for getting a ‘rise’ out of you or seeing you get upset. They steal your thoughts. Mindfullly focusing on what you want and not want you fear is keeping yourself from becoming an emotional garbage can for others.


When you are breathing you speed up your vibration and your metabolism. Many a person these days spends their time holding their breath in one form or another living in the ”fright or flight” mode. The more you slow down the more you absorb other people’s energy. Keep your sense purified. Change the water.

Infinite creation

Like a hummingbird, whose vibration is very high and wise, seeks to not get involved. It’s how they chose to carry themselves in the world. They are one of the Earth’s smallest creatures yet they are confident of their essence. The hummingbird is so light. They are mindful of their internal condition and thus project their own outer condition. They do not absorb other creatures or peoples energy.

You’re greatest adversary is your friend

What you fight you give energy to. You are a co-creator basing your outer projection based on your own perception of yourself. When you change how you see yourself you will change your reality. You have heard it before, but no one has power over you unless you give it to them.

When you talk of not absorbing other peoples energy doesn’t mean you are to be insensitive

When you stop absorbing other people’s energy you are being responsible for your own power and energy. Infinite possibilities are you. The secret to stop absorbing other people’s energy is to change the lies to your own vision. You have to tell your own vision. You are a transmitter, and receiver, an antenna, of energy and information. You have the power to change the channel so you don’t take on that particular energy that brings you down, worries you, and enrages you and so on.

Go to nature, feel a live, you are worthy

Be yourself tonight and practice being yourself and loving yourself for the rest of your life. Don’t deny yourself the truth by absorbing negative vibration. Seek high vibration, song, dance, saltwater, nature, prayer. The more you connect with yourself the more you connect with nature and your own soul and avoid harmful or draining energy. So light, so free, so powerful. Enjoy the video by Infinite Waters.

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