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How to stir up the romance on Valentine's day

How to stir up the romance on Valentine's day
How to stir up the romance on Valentine's day
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Have you relied on the soothing sounds of Marvin Gaye and too many candlelit dinners for your head to count? Need some fresh and exciting new ideas to spice up in your love life? Than you've come to the right place. Here's a little know-how on how to make the most of this Valentine's Day.

Recreate the 'first time' you met - it may sound cheesy but it's proven to be a winner. Leave subtle hints for a scavenger hunt. Let her collect precious mementos as she figures out the clues (hint: you can leave notes like 'our song' or nicknames you gave one another) that will eventually lead her to the place where you first fell in love. Then, let her know how much she means to you by giving her 12 long-stemmed roses. We're Swooning already!

Take a spa day - put the macho man act aside and let her know that you can get in touch with your feminine side. Go for a couples massage, you can gaze into each others eyes while all the tension of the day just melts away.

Name a constellation after her - Nothing says 'I love you' like a namesake, so let her know she is the brightest star in your sky by naming a constellation after her.

How to name a star -

Lastly, simple is not out of style; unoriginal is. If you can think of a way to create something unique, special and from the heart it will mean more to her than anything money can buy.

Examples: If you're a musician, write a song about her. If you're an artist, paint a portrait. If your a poet? you catch my drift. Let your imagination roam free, the possibilities are endless.