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How to stay motivated this new year after joining the gym

You made the resolution this year to join the gym! You went and signed up and now you are officially a member! Way to go!  Now it's time to show up and exercise! How do you keep your motivation and momentum going well into the new year? Here are a few suggestions for you:

1) Meet new fitness friends - Believe me you are not the only person who just joined the gym. Look around, many of your fellow fitness friends just signed up as well. This is a great conversation starter and a common ground for many of you. You are more likely to continue to come to the gym when you are greeted by familiar faces you know who recognize you. 

2) Try everything ~ If your membership includes special classes, the pool, or other perks, try them! You have already paid for them so you might as well take advantage of them! This way, you are "getting what you pay for" but you are also allowing yourself the chance to find something that would keep you coming back to the gym. If you end up liking that special class or the great workout that you get in the pool, it will be very encouraging to come back to do something you really enjoy!

3) Dress for success ~ Make sure you have purchased the right clothing and shoes to match the movement. You would not wear spinning shoes to a step aerobics class. Making sure you have the right gear will make your fitness experience that much better for you and it will allow you to maximize your workout. 

4) Take the same Group Exercise class from a different instructor ~ So you take a class and you liked it, but the instructor was overwhelming to you. Take the same class with a different instructor! Many gyms offer the same type of class a few times a week with different instructors.  

A gym membership is an investment in you! So take the time to meet new fitness friends, try everything, pick out the right fitness gear, and take Group Exercise classes from different instructors. This will help you get in the swing of things and allow you the opportunity to find what interests you at the gym! 

Keep Moving! 


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