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How to stay happy no matter what

You get what you look for!
You get what you look for!

My oldest daughter has called Child Protective Services on me, twice, accusing me of child abuse and neglect. She said she doesn't want me to attend her graduation dinner. I live in a house that is one step from being condemned, broken doors, visible cracks and no a/c. As a sole proprietor in my business, I have more than $20,000 in financial obligations as a result of fraud and other financial judgements. My husband moved in with his girlfriend and is now in the process of filing for a divorce. Each day I must pay attention to my health choices to prevent asthma attacks and other chronic health challenges.

Do I have enough reason to be stressed? Absolutely! Is my story much different than anyone else? Not so much. We all face challenges and obstacles. The situations and stories may be different, but the outcome remains the same. We all have stuff! It can seem like a lot. Compared to others, it can seem minor. It is all perspective!

How do we stay happy regardless what is happening? This is the essential task to matter what!

Here's what I do, things I enjoy that help me feel better, eventually getting me back to feeling happy, most of the time.

  • I listen to audios. I love brain entrainment audios that have mood enhancement technology built in. I also get inspired by others that overcame challenges and seek their inspiration, knowing if they can overcome their stuff, I most certainly can.
  • I read books. Sometimes, I read motivational books and books that inspire such as Ask and It is Given, Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Believing,ect. Other times, I read for fun. I love sci fi/fantasy most since they always spark my imagination! Classic Jules Verne can't be beat!
  • I see a BEST practitioner regularly to clear any subconscious blocks I may still have from stuck thoughts and emotions that may be hindering my success.
  • I tap using TFT, EFT, or Quatum Emotional Clearing! Forms of acupressure, these powerful little tools are the quick fix to whatever emotions may be swimming around inside.
  • I write. I enjoy writing. Sometimes I write stories. Other times I write affirmations. Always I'm thinking about how I want to feel and I often lose myself in my writing.
  • I meditate. Clearing my thoughts allows me to often see situations differently or inspire me to take a different action I may not had considered before.
  • I revise my vision board. This gets me thinking about what I do want and puts me back into feeling good about what is yet to come.
  • I daydream! My imagination is my favorite playground. Anything is possible there and often I find myself empowered by the adventures I experience!
  • I take a walk on Bayshore (or any other place I can get to in nature). Seeing the houses by the water reminds me of my dreams and I feel childlike wonder each time I watch the pelicans glide across the surface of the bay!
  • I go to the beach. The beach is my sanctuary. If anything can melt away tension, it is the gentle lull of the ocean waves, the warm kiss of sunlight, and the cool and soothing water that washes away all fears, worries, doubts, and burdens.
  • I remind myself of all the blessings I do have! I have too many to list that I know how lucky I really am!
  • I spend time with my dearest friends and family that inspire and uplift! Playing with my youngest daughter is always good therapy!
  • I attend meetings with other like-minded, positive people that are also working towards their goals and dreams. Seeing their successes and triumphs keeps me determined to stay focused on my own!
  • I give just a little bit more to my clients. I get the greatest pleasure knowing that my clients leave my office feeling lighter and happier than when they arrived. Working on helping them release their tensions get me forgetting all about my own.
  • Finally, I remind myself that I created everything that occurs in my life. I could only choose to do this for my own benefit and I know, when I'm ready, I will create something different!

Notice what isn't on my list of things to do to feel good. I avoid watching t.v. I stay away from anything or anyone that may want to poke a hole in my happy bubble. I avoid reading or watching the news. I stay away from drinking or taking prescription drugs, even when I have an asthma attack! I get out of bed just one more time!

Stuff happens to everyone, even the most successful! The difference between happiness and misery is the choice to get up and keep on looking for the good. Hang in for one more day, keeping the faith that it all eventually works out to the greatest benefit and it most definitely will!

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