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How to stay awake in class after Spring break

Staying awake in school after the Spring Break
Staying awake in school after the Spring Break
Daytona Spring Break 2012:

It's over. Back to campus today. Arkansas weather is great and the lakes are calling. Five more weeks of classes and studying to go.


1. Drink coffee. Face it. You are brain dead after Spring Break. Those ADHD pills you hated as a child are on the grocer's shelf and it's called coffee beans. Go to Starbuck's, your campus didn't put that big mega coffee chain there because it's green. Coffee stimulates the brain. When the brain is stimulated, people think. For the record, a college campus without people who think is a TV show, The Walking Dead.

2. Organize folders, notebooks and emails. Organizing and sorting through inboxes, notebooks and folders are great preps to academically glue one's self back together after the hiatus. Check the sent file in case there's something you promised to do, but forgot. Review notes, folders, exams and quizzes. It all holds great insight for one in-depth, final paper or a promising master's thesis.

3. Find a healthy outlet to handle college rejection letters. Rejected? Think about Plan B and get to work on it. If you take a year off, do it because you found a good job. Hitchhiking around the world serves a better purpose when executed with initial purpose.

4. Augment the college acceptance letter. Accepted? Great! Never too early to start apartment or dorm room shopping, plan a summer campus visit, and browse for a summer program (or class) on campus to get an early start on acclimating as well as college credits.

5. Blog responsibly and take pictures of your journey. Social media may become a large aspect of who you are and how future employers see you. Use social media to your advantage. Always be aware of your online personality and always consider the hearts and minds of people who are reading and seeing your journey. If that sucks the life out of your social media experience, set your controls and settings so that pictures and taglines that may offend influential people in your life, like your principal, band instructor, or next door neighbor, are hidden from them.

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