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How to start your dancing career

Jump Start A Dancing Career!
Jump Start A Dancing Career!
Tim Klein

If you are a professional dancer, more than often you must have started at an early age.  Most dancers have attended a school of the arts or strictly ballet school.   However, it's never to late to start a dancing career at any age.  Dancers usually end their active professional careers in their thirties due to injuries or merely wear and tear.  Thankfully, with a healthy lifestyle, thirty might just be when you get started! 

There are many schools and institutions where you can begin your dancing career.  Whether you want to be dancing 24/7 or be a teacher or choreographer, Columbia College  is an excellent school that will fulfill your every dancing desire.  You must be prepared to dance at least 20 hours per week.  The dancers curriculum is the most demanding out of all chosen careers at Columbia.  Be ready to devote most of your time to this school so if you have other priorities make sure you get rid of them!

Another way to jump into your dancing shoes is by taking a few classes at a well known school of dance.  The Ruth Page Center is a performing art center and school of dance.  They offer beginners and advance classes all week.  If you are dedicated and consistent you may be able to audition to the many dance companies that are in residence.  You never know until you try, www.ruthpageorg so what are you waiting for?