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How to start this year right

Here we are only a few short weeks into another year. Like many buzzing on social media the energy is building for another push of affirmations, proclamations and resolutions. The issue that concerns me is, “How will this year be any different from the others?” I am sure you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. So let's deal with some issues so we are not playing the role of an insane person.

If you've ever taken a trip with a youngster in tow, you are well aware of their impatience. They lack the ability to appreciate the journey and usually complain the whole way. If you are lucky enough to find a game or some other distraction for them you are doing well. If not, you are in for a long trip. Maybe this year has been like a trip with a toddler. You have suffered throughout and like them you are wondering; are we there yet? You feel as if you just need to put this year behind you and reach your destination.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you cross the threshold of the New Year.

(1) You won't wake up with a plan if you don't go to bed with one: Did you know you can set a tone for creativity by spending some time each night thinking of what you accomplished that day and using that momentum to visualize what you want to see happen tomorrow? If you're waking up looking for direction you are already too late. How you end the night has a great impact on how you begin the next day.

(2) Stop borrowing everyone else's definition of success: The first step to greatness is defining success for yourself. Have you ever noticed how recycled our outlook on life is? We believe what was believed before and we seek what has already been discovered. When will we dare to step out and map out our own destiny?

(3) You and you alone determine what meaning will be applied to life: Things happen to us all, what makes the difference is the meaning we attach to the event. For some it is the worst of times, but for others in the exact same circumstance it is the greatest time of opportunity. What's the difference? Their individual meaning that they applied. We can find empowerment in the fact that we can set the bar for every meaning.

(4) Don't make major decisions when you're exhausted: We all have experienced those times when life's pressures have surrounded us and we felt overwhelmed. When you are tired, worn out and on the verge of passing out, you are not in any condition to make decisions. Emotions have flared and we usually are in vulnerable state. The chance of making a wrong call increases dramatically. Why chance it? Take a step back and allow some time to recuperate.

As the final days of 2013 have dwindled down, it can be a time of excitement or frustration. Either way, there are still enough days left that we all may salvage ourselves and create a shift for the coming year. Remember, a winning streak starts with one single win. Let's end this year strong.

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