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How to Start a Wordpress Blog (with References)

How to Start a Wordpress Blog
How to Start a Wordpress Blog

Wordpress is a free and open source blogging system and is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. The fact that it’s free makes it easily accessible for almost anyone to start blogging. There are also numerous tutorials online to make Wordpress do just about anything, making it a lot easier for those who aren’t as comfortable messing around with code to still personalize their blog.

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Why Should You Start a Wordpress Blog?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start a personal platform in the internet age, and is a great way to be noticed in this increasingly more competitive world. A blog lets you post articles and interact with readers all around the world. It is a way to share your thoughts to the world, to make a distinct name for yourself.

The very first thing to keep in mind when starting a blog is the quality of the content. No one wants to read a blog that displays rubbish content. Original, high-quality content will draw readers to a blog. Articles should have structure and be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Defining what the blog is about will also help in focusing the quality of a Wordpress blog. Before embarking on a blogging adventure, there should be a clear idea of the blog’s purpose.

Set Up Your Own Domain

Wordpress offers their blogging software for free, hosted on, but for full control and to harness the full potential of the blogging system, setting up an own domain and installing Wordpress on it is the best option. The blogging software can be downloaded at the site

For a few dollars a month, you can purchase a domain name that is relevant to what you want to blog about from any of numerous hosting sites. Wordpress can then be uploaded to that domain in order to use it for blogging.

A Wordpress blog that lives on a your domain means that the you can decide on the site name, have access and full control to all aspects of the blog theme and plugins, the ability to edit down to the tiniest details every part of the blog’s design, and the ability to sell as many ads as you want on your site. Ads can make a blog very profitable for you once you have a large readership.

(Ref: Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Blog)

Install Wordpress

Once hosting account is active, the next step is to install Wordpress onto the host domain and associate it with the domain name. There are a number of tools that can be used to upload Wordpress to the hosting account. Most domain hosts have different steps to upload Wordpress, with some having Wordpress installation done in just a few simple clicks.

(Ref: How to Install Wordpress in a 15 Minutes)

Choose a Theme

One thing that greatly affects how readers will see a Wordpress blog is the theme that is used on the blog. Wordpress has a gallery of default themes, but other themes can also be added simply by uploading to the hosting account and blog. This can be done either through the Wordpress dashboard or through the hosting account.

A theme can make or break a blog. A beautifully designed theme will give readers something they want to look at with minimal load times and a highly readable interface.

(Ref: Free Wordpress Themes for Your Blog)

Organize the Blog Navigation

Another important aspect of a blog is its sidebar, footer, and header. These are prominently displayed on a blog and also help in navigating a Wordpress blog. A blog header can make your site more memorable to a user. How the sidebar, footer, and header are organized will also affect how readers will navigate through the blog. An intuitive setup of these portions of the blog can help in making a blog more accessible to a variety of readers.

(Ref: Free Wordpress Themes for Your Blog)

Configure Blog Settings

There are a variety of settings available on the Wordpress dashboard. A user may make change to how the blog is displayed or works through these settings. These settings should be configured so that the blog displays exactly how you want it to.

By limiting the settings on the blog and choosing a setup that works for you and causes minimal distraction, blogging will be more enjoyable and more efficient.

(Ref: How to Setup Wordpress Settings)

Set Up Comment Moderation

Blogs are made more successful by interaction with readers. Comments let conversations occur among readers, and between the readers and the blogger. Blog comment moderation settings should be set up in a way that fits the specific goals of your Wordpress blog.

(Ref: The Art of Getting Blog Comments)

Set Up Your Blog’s Pages

Once the blog is set up and functioning, user content can then be added to the blog. Before writing any posts, the first thing to do is create a homepage. This homepage will be the first thing that readers will see when they land on a blog and should be attractive while showcasing the information that the blogger wants to show. Other pages to construct at this stage include writing an “About Me” page so that readers can have an introduction to the blogger, and any privacy or terms and conditions pages.

Once all of these are done, then the blogging can begin. Posts can then be added to the Wordpress blog. Keeping a regular blogging schedule and always adding new and original content will also help in making a blog more popular.

(Ref: On Page Factors for SEO)

Google Analytics and Social Networks

Setting up Google Analytics can help you in the long run when it comes to determining if you’re reaching people and getting the number that you want. It is a free traffic report for a site, and will show real and accurate feedback about your blog’s traffic.

Social networks are a great platform to promote the your blog. You can let people on your social networks know that you have a blog and what it’s about. You can also promote some of your posts to promote, just make sure that they’re some of your best and that people will want to read them so that people who do read your blog posts will come back for more.

(Ref: Google Analytics Tips for Every Site Owner)

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