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How to start a blog: blogging platforms

Confused about which blogging platform to use?

Choosing a blogging platform can be very confusing. There are many to choose from. The good news for those in the Fresno/Clovis area, we are home to many work from home and writers groups (listed in resources). After reading the information here, if you need further help feel free to contact a group or visit Fresno Startup.

Blogging Platforms:

  • Wordpress: Free and easy to use. While it is highly customizable, it's not as customizable as a paid blogging platform.
  • Weebly:Also free and easy. Offers quite a bit of customization. Weebly is a website creator, so it can be used for blogging or creating an online store. Whatever you choose.
  • Godaddy: Is fee based. They offer a Wordpress Hosted blog, with the most options to customize your page. All of the plans come with email accounts, daily backup, and much more.
  • Host Gator: A paid hosting service that will offer you more customization than a free blogging platoform.

Some local Fresno area resources:

The address attached to the article is for the Fresno Library. The library is a resource for both books and computer usage for starting and managing your blog.

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