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How to stand out in a sea of same old suit and tie fashion

I walk to work every day; eight blocks from Central Parkway, through Fountain Square to my destination on 4th Street. I have the opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite past times along the way; people watching.

Men's Fashion 2014
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Color Blocking
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I recently discovered that every man downtown looks the same. Black pants, black shoes, white/grey/blue button down, maybe a tie, jacket and black coat. Where is the imagination? Where's the fashion? Even a hint of an attempt would be acceptable, but no...everyone is still wearing the "dressy" outfit they bought for that wedding last year and "mixing it up" with one of three collared shirts they own.

C'mon gentlemen, it's time to step it up.

For the daring and bold of you who are ready to take on this new year with a new ideal of what workplace fashion looks like, I challenge you to do just that; be daring and bold. Let your wardrobe emulate your personality and turn the boring business look into something appealing and fun to wear.

Business Insider ran a story of the Top 7 things to take away from New York Fashion Week that I think will help you help yourself with enhancing your 2014 attire regardless of your income or fashion expertise. Here's my top choices from their article that I think will work for the Cincinnati man who is ready for change:

1. Double-breasted Jackets: How To Wear Them: Sparingly. Double-breasted blazers are hard to pull off, and if the cut is too baggy, they can look like a bad '80s vintage find.

2. Patterned Jackets [one of my faves]: How To Wear Them: There were lots of different printed jackets this year, from plaid to floral. Even camo made a resurgence. Pair a patterned jacket with solid-colored shorts or pants. If you're style savvy, throw a contrasting print in the mix with a button-down shirt.

3. High Rise or Rolled Pants: How To Wear Them: Choose a pair of pants that fit you well, put on some awesome shoes, and just go for it. Of course, this style works better with casual pants like chinos and jeans than with suit attire, so keep that in mind.

4. Color Blocked Shirts [easy!]:How To Wear Them: Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, color-blocked patterns are a casual and preppy look for the spring. Treat these like your new classic black t-shirt and wear them with all your favorite pants and shorts.

5. Bomber Jackets: How To Wear Them: By far the biggest trend from New York Fashion Week was men's bomber jackets. Whether they're leather, color-blocked, wool, or athletic, these jackets go with everything. When you go shopping for one, make sure the sleeves don't hang past your upper wrist, and that the coat has a slim silhouette to keep it from looking too much like a bulky Letterman jacket.

Alright fellas, get on out there and do some shopping!

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