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How to stand out in a crowd #1

standing out
standing out

Going out with a group of friends can be a great opportunity to mingle, meet guys, and obtain a collection of napkins with numbers drunkenly scribbled on them. But for many girls, going out with a large group of other girls is intimidating and even degrading. The difference between these two is knowing how to stand out amongst other girls. Learning this gives you the confidence necessary to seal the deal because, as we all know confidence is key!

The art of standing out can best be demonstrated through example.

The Intellectual- It's Friday night and you and your sorority sisters are going out for drinks with the lacrosse team. All your sorority sisters are drop dead gorgeous and, even though you are definitely a dime piece, you can't help but feel sub par as your girlfriends swarm lacrosse guys, absorbing their attention with their platinum blonde hair and revealing attire. Although it seems like a scene from a teen movie, you'd be surprised at the outcome of a witty remark. Wit is the golden ticket when it comes to flirting. It shows that you are smart, funny, well rounded enough to combine the two, and quick enough to come up with it on the spot.