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How to spring to good health in the spring

Spring brings with it a sense of new beginning, as the harsh winter months, and its toll on human health due to the low intensity and duration of sunlight, gives way, to new shoots of life such as grass and flowers that gives we humans a sense of awakening.

Spring to good health in spring
Photo by Clemens Bilan

How can one tap into this burst of life and energy in nature to achieve better health?

I will provide some answers to this pressing and urgent question.

Spring will soon give way to the hot summer months and the excesses that many of us get into due to the abundance of sunlight that provides us with a lot of energy like a newly recharged battery.

Consequently, it is important to lay a good foundation in spring, to ensure a well- balanced summer.

One of the keys to doing this is to start outdoor exercises again, especially walking, and running for those who can.

This way you will build up your body’s resources and wake up every part that fell asleep during the winter so a sudden burst of summer activities is not too stressful on the body’s system.

Remember the parks and other places where walking without running into cars is possible. You can also skip and jog in the park

This burst of activities will have the added value of improving the body’s circulation.

Spring is a good time to detoxify from the consequence of the sluggish winter months and its effect on the digestive system.

Indulge in a lot fruits and vegetables to effect a natural detoxification system that flows with your body’s natural activities. Add Ginger, garlic and onions to your foods and juices to help clean out the lungs and boost your immune system

One last thing, remember to drink a lot of clear, clean, filtered water to prevent dehydration.

Remember to watch the attached video for some important tips and enjoy your spring as you spring forth into good health and get ready for a wonderful summer.

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