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How to spool your rod with new fishing line

Be prepared. It’s not just a Boy Scout motto it’s the real thing when it comes to fishing. Tackle and tools and knowing where they are is important. If being on the water quickly to fish is of supreme importance then doing a little preparation before your get there is the key.

How to spool your rod with new fishing line

The less time you spend looking for something or not having it altogether

Old fishing line leftover from last season has probably been abused by freezing temperatures by being kept in your garage or shed.

Time equals more fishing

If you’ve been loyal and handcuffed to one brand of fishing line, you should try one of the new lines on the market. The technology of fishing line has advanced. Some stretch a lot, some stretch a little and some fluorocarbons act like mono. There is fishing line that is abrasion resistant, now what angler couldn’t benefit from that.

Do you need a spooler

Are you prone to tangles and loops? Then this baby is for you. The act of changing fishing line can be an evil pain but not if you are using this gadget. It’s easy to use, moderates the tension needed and is worth the five or so bucks.

How do you load the line

First take of the old line and recycle it. Make sure your drag is tight and you do this by turning the screw all the way to the right. Open the bail. Wrap the line at least three times and tie a knot. Cut off the extra. Begin reeling in your line, (Be sure to hold it snuggly).

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