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How to spend your nights vol.1 (Aug 27-Sept 2)


THURSDAY (8/27) -The Universal

DJs Eve and Jessica, the two gals who run The Universal dance party at Burt's every Thursday are moving soon.  Now's as good a time as any to grab some 75 cent PBRs (get their early, these run dry fast) and dance the night away to  the sweet sweet sound of hipster soul and new wave. 9pm 21+ Free

FRIDAY (8/28) Le Chat Lunatique

Wind down a bit and relax with the swingin' jazz stylings of Le Chat Lunatique.  They're supposed to be good (lots of tours and whatnot), and they perform for FREE at the St. Claire Winery.  7pm

SATURDAY (8/29) Black Guys

This weekend the doctor prescribes the throbbing, oscillating, LOUD experimental noise that is Black Guys.  The house show takes place at Clayton Height's Manor (1400 Wilmore SE, 1 block west of Kathryn and Yale) 9pm with expected donation. Roñoso and Pinkeye also playing. Doors probably at 7pm.

SUNDAY(8/30) New Mexico Takeover Tour IV (ft. Busta Rhymes and PitBull)

KIDDING!  Grab some tapas at Gecko's, pick up the Clues album at Natural Sound, and spend the rest of the night in. Much better.

MONDAY (8/31) The Dottie Grossman/Michael Vlatkovich Duo

Hit up The Filling Station (1024 4th St SW) for Dottie Grossman/Michael Vlatkovich Duo, and get your culture on.  7:30, $5, all ages

TUESDAY (9/1) ????

Go to Open Mic at Brickyard for a slice/PBR deal and leave when it bugs you.  Belt out some Nancy Sinatra at Atomic's Karyoke night.  Get trashed on 4 buck Tiki drinks at Burt's.  Whatever you want really, nothing stands out.  Actually, if you've never been to the Marble Brewery, it would be a good night to dig that scene.  With board games and couches, it's like the Winning's of bars! 

WEDNESDAY (9/2) DJ Nu-Mark

Here's a good one!  DJ Nu-Mark of old school hip-hop favorites Jurassic 5 is spinning at Burt's as part of their weekly "Vinyl and Verses" Wednesdays.  How can you not at least stop in to check this out?  It's free, and it should be thumpin'.  If you hate it, abandon ship and swim up to Anodyne for one of their shaken-not stirred White Russians (between 4 and 5 dollars, depending on the day).  The Burt's show is 10pm.  Both places are 21+

And that, Albuquerque, is what to do with your nights.  Drop me an email if you know of any cool events for next week. 

DJ Nu-Mark spins at Burt's Wednesday for free