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How to spend a third less on almost a new car

How to Spend a Third Less on a Car
How to Spend a Third Less on a Car
Holmes Motors

Most people have heard the statement that the second a new car is driven off a dealer's lot, it loses anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 very quickly. And there's a keen truth to that statement. However, it works to the advantage of a car buyer who is savvy enough to know a relatively new car works just as well as the retail model officially waiting for its first owner.

How Car Pricing Works
New retail cars include three main cost components: the cost of manufacture from the factory, the fees covering transport and taxes and licensing, and the markup component which is otherwise known as the profit margin. Now consider this fact: the lightly used almost new car is price with two components: the fair market value of a car at that point in time and a dealer or seller's profit margin. Just by the nature of eliminating a component, and almost new car is dramatically lower in cost to a buyer.

Benefits Beyond Just Price Difference
A buyer can effectively save thousands and thousands of dollars buying a car that is not fresh retail new in status. And here are some of the additional benefits a buyer gets doing so. First, almost new cars are often well within their warranty period. So a buyer has the ability to buy the same car as new for a discounted price and can still get it repaired for free with the new car warranty in place. Second, an almost new car has relatively brand new parts in almost every capacity. Granted, there's a bit of wear on tires, etc., but the car still has plenty of years of life with just regular maintenance before any major service is usually needed. As a result, a buyer is getting a serious return on his dollar with the discounted used car pricing versus completely new.

"Purchasing a used vehicle is the smartest decision that a car consumer can make." says Jason Barq Johnson with Holmes Motors located in Biloxi, MS. "So much money is wasted initially when purchasing a brand new car that is not recoup-able to the buyer. Most used cars are very clean and reliable which will last just as long as a brand new car and include better features that you weren't able to afford when purchasing a new vehicle." For those seeking quality Biloxi Used Cars, Holmes Motors has quality used vehicles for any budget.

Additionally, used cars are already broken in. Brand new cars get a few miles on them as they are moved around from shipping to a dealership, but a car really isn't broken in until at least 5,000 miles are driven and that first two oil changes are performed to get the preliminary run out with the drained oil. With an almost new car everything is primed and ready for long-term use. Anything that wasn't put in right has already been replaced under warranty. So the driver gets a car that is now truly ready for use.

An almost new car makes logical sense when one puts together all the benefits as well as the numbers on a pros and cons piece of paper. In fact, most people who buy a used car often refuse to go back to buying a car completely new ever again. The sense that good, hard-earned money is just being handed away for a car that can be bought for $10,000 or $15,000 cheaper doesn't seem smart anymore.

So if you value your time, effort, and resources, and you want a car you can expect to be durable, reliable and with much of the latest technology, then you really need to take some time and consider what used cars actually provide buyers. From sedans to SUVs to pickup trucks, buyers will find great deals on cars that are ready to provide a new owner years and years of service with some of the best features available. Take the time to look and you will be surprised at both the price and packages available that you walk away with for your budget.

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