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How to Spa...

Hi Everyone,

When you call a Spa to make an appointment always ask to see if they have any specials.

Especially in the summer there are always specials going on!

Ask if they have a Sauna and Steam room, Pool, Yoga, Lunch, Locker room with showers.

You should arrive at your appointment about 20 minutes early. Get in your robe and go to

the relaxation area and relax. There should be no cell phones in treatment rooms with you!

If you have a appointment at say, 1 pm and it will be a massage and you show up at 1 or after.

You do not get the whole time aloud for that service. YOU ARE LATE!

Nail appointment you have a manicure or pedicure and you show up late your appointment

will be cut but you should expect to pay full price.

Therapists only get paid on what they do...when you do not show they loose out on income.

You have had your service enjoy what the Spa has to offer that is what you are paying for.

We all forget to stop and smell the roses these days....Get out there and treat yourself.

Have a great spa day!

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