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How to ski slushy snow

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Spring has sprung and it's slushy out there. Here are a few tips that can help you slay the slush.

1. Ski wider skis. Ride a wider board. Skiing wider skis can help in slush. Skinnier skis under foot will tend to sink in slush while wider skis have more surface area and can distribute pressure more evenly.

2. Slice through the slush. Most people end of quitting early on slushy days. This is because they are pushing the slush around and that takes a lot of energy out of anyone. Try slicing through the slush. This means that you want to tip your skis up enough on their edge and then let the skis cut through the slush. The bonus here is that when you go through a slush pile, you can get slushy face shots!

3. Ski/ride during the middle of the day. This may only work for those of us having season passes. However, many resorts offer cheaper lift tickets in the Spring. If you can time it, try to ski/ride during the middle of the day. This way you get the snow that is just beginning to soften and head in or to the bar when the slush becomes bottomless.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your Spring!