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How to Show Appreciation for your Man

Once you have successfully experienced the rubber band effect, you can’t get upset with him when he returns. You need to make him feel appreciated. When you make him feel appreciated and needed, he will enjoy spending more time with you and going out of his way for you.

Do you appreciate your man?
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So how do you make your man feel appreciated? You need to make him feel that your happiness is the prize for him. He needs to know that his actions matter to you. Let him treat you to something special - whether it is dinner or a weekend getaway. Let him do for you.

When stressed, make him a meal. Cooking for your man is great chivalry towards him. Cooking a meal does not need a great deal of effort and the homemade meal isn’t expensive. If you are the worse cook on the planet, you can always call for take out.

What else is important?

Not getting too comfortable in your relationship. Being too comfortable can make you lazy. Remember when you first met him and you dressed up just to see him? Keep looking stunning. Keep smiling. Don’t let yourself go. If you do, you won’t be the woman he was crazy about anymore.

You should also remain impressive in the bedroom. Men like variety and you should never make sex a routine for him.

As long as you are affectionate and make him a priority once in a while, he will feel appreciated. If that is not clear enough, tell him you appreciate at him and follow it up with positive actions.

It’s true that the little acts of appreciation go a long way. Enjoy him today.

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