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How to shop for a minumalist

Okay so you have almost everyone one your list. Buying gifts for some might seem simple. Your husband likes football. Your best friend likes anything pink and your dog like anything shinny but what about that special person in your life who is well, just a little different.

They rant about the environment, refuse to shop at chain stores and will not purchase anything that was not made ethically. What do you get for the person that analyzes everything? Below are a variety of ideas to for gifts for the super conservative.

Buy something thrifty. It's economical and ethical. It takes more time to search for a unique and personalized item at a thrift store then to walk into the nearest chain store and pick up a gift set. You can find unique vintage and collectible items. You can find a gift that no one else has. Maybe you can find something from the era of their childhood that is a sure way to bring back the memories. Make a college or scrap book. Don't forget to use recycled paper.

Remember that a less is more. When you purchase a gift make sure it is useful and of quality. You want to purchase something that they can actually use. If your friend enjoys gardening purchase seeds for planting or even mason jars for canning.

Information is timeless. I have a habit of purchasing books for my friends and family on holidays. What better a gift to give then the gift of knowledge? I try to find something that is applicable to where they are in their life. But be careful with this, you do not want to get too personal. Avoid books on weight loss or emotional self-help. It can take only minutes to undo years of lasting friendship by overstepping your boundaries.

Make it yourself. Making something is like giving them the most precious gift-the gift of your time. It takes only a minute to pick out a gift online or from the department store. But it takes time, thought, and effort to make something with your own hands. Kids are helpers when personalizing gifts. You can add an extra special touch by using their hand prints or drawings when making gifts.

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