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How to set the drag on your rod

When you put your line on your reel, you want to tighten it or loosen it. If it’s too loose, you will loose a lot of fish. When it’s too tight and you have to really pull to get the line off the spool you may break some line and loose some fish that way too. You want it to be just loose enough where it does take some pressure, and the line gives a little bit with an average size fish. That way when you catch a big one, chances are you will be able to land him without breaking the line on your fishing rod.

How to set the drag on your rod.

There are two types of drag

You have your reel and it’s brake system, and its drag system and the friction from your guides. Hold your rod vertical, walk backwards and you want your line to slip a little bit. If you get a quick fish you don’t want the fish to be able to break the line.

Put your rod high and reel vertically if the fish is coming towards you

If the fish is going to break you off, then drop the rod tip and you can let some line out smoothly, if you can control it. You can change the leverage of the fight with the fish by the angle of your rod. The idea is to be able to tire the fish out. When your line is as tight as a bow and arrow chances are he will break your line. Practice it with your catch, a small to average size fish.

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