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How to set rules for your toddler

You know all the rules of living a toddler by now.
You know all the rules of living a toddler by now.

As a working mother to a toddler, you know all too well that how your toddler responds in the evening reflects on your daily routine the following day. You also know all the rules of living a toddler by now:

1) Stick to a bedtime routine;

2) Never give in to tantrums;

3) Childproof everything; and

4) Do not let your toddler out of your sight.

Raising older children, you know that your toddler breaks the majority of the rules, and you allow him or her to do just that. Any mother, especially a busy one, has a tendency to look the other way because she does not have the time or energy to deal with her toddler’s antics. This however is not the best way to handle a toddler, and the first thing a mother should do is set limits – for both herself and her toddler.

A good approach would be to pull together a list of rules that apply to every member of the family, based on age, of course. Pick a list of behaviors that matter the most like “no hitting” or “no climbing on the furniture.” Use pictures for children who cannot read and your toddler should be able to recognize and remember these if you keep pointing these out to him or her. Put these rules in place where all family members can see them like the refrigerator door or in on a bulletin in the family room.

Once you have established the rules, and stressed them, make sure you stay in control of your toddler’s behaviors.