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How to sell yours books

Have no use for your Hobbit Companion? Sell it !

    Although the end of another quarter means stressful finals and mind-numbing papers, it also means getting money back for all the books you bought at the beginning of the quarter. However, sometimes it is a hassle to drag all your books back to High Street, so here are some other ways to get rid of them:

1.    Let the bookstore come to you – A lot of dorm buildings, like Paterson Hall, have tables set up where you can sell back your books. It’s a lot easier to take your books downstairs than to haul them all the way to High Street, especially if you don’t like the prices offered. They are more than willing to scan your books and tell you how much you would get back without making you actually sell them. However, if you’re not offered enough, there are some other options.

2.    Sell your books on – If your books are in relatively good condition, you can register at and sell them there. Although you might not get an offer on your books right away, you can still control the amount of money you’re willing to sell them for. This is the perfect option if you’re not in any hurry to get money back.

3.    Sell them on facebook marketplace or craigslist – You can either make a listing or search for people who are looking for the books that you own. You can sell the books for more that the bookstores will give you, and the people buying them will get a better price than they would at the bookstore. It’s a pretty good way to “Stick it to the man.”

4.    Ask around – For classes that everyone has to take, like math and sciences, it’s usually easy to find someone willing to buy the book off of you. If you can find someone, this is the easiest option.

5.    A lot of books aren’t worth anything to the bookstores if no professors request that specific book for the next quarter. It’s possible that eventually the book will be in demand and you can sell it back later, but for now you might as well make a festive end table of used text books.

Good luck on finals and making some fast cash!

For more info: OSU Bookstore