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How to sell more using LinkedIn

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In a recent article published on LinkedIn by Yuhannes Watts titled Do this 1 thing on LinkedIn to get more sales there is an excellent case study. Watts shares how to LinkedIn contacts are now bringing in over $130,000 in annual revenue. He credits the use of LinkedIn and landing this business because the competitive bid failed to connect on a social media. This allowed him to build a relationship while his competitor was dependent strictly on selling via the lowest bid.

Although this is a great strategy, it can backfire on you when you try to connect to somebody at the beginning of the sales process. Remember, many (if not most) people do not like salespeople and they could see you as a stalker. It is much better to start the relationship and then ask verbally if the other person uses LinkedIn and if they do with it be appropriate to connect.

Salespeople need to regard LinkedIn as a relationship building tool – not a sales tool. The best way to increase your sales on LinkedIn is to stop trying to sell on LinkedIn. Instead, use it as a tool as Watts does, to set yourself up as the expert in your particular business sector. In doing so you will find a people come to you instead of you trying to go to them.

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