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How to sell gardening equipment at your next garage sale

Are you ready to sell your lawn mower? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Are you ready to sell your lawn mower? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

After spending time mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and planting flower beds in your backyard, you may have found that some of your gardening equipment isn’t up to par for your needs. Perhaps your lawn mower is too unwieldy for your yard, or you can’t quite grip your pruning shears. Instead of tossing the gardening equipment that no longer works for you, consider selling your gear at your next garage sale by following these tips.

Assess your gear: Before your sale, take a look at the gardening equipment you no longer want. Discard or recycle any equipment that’s broken or missing pieces, and clean any equipment that’s usable so that it can have an appealing appearance to your shoppers. If the equipment’s components need to be sharpened or replaced, then give your shoppers a heads up. Include any relevant instruction manuals, too.

Be upfront regarding your equipment’s condition: While you don’t need to write a lengthy essay on why you’re selling your lawn mower, you should be forthcoming to shoppers as to why it no longer works for you. Is the lawn mower for sale difficult for you to push, or does it have uncomfortable grips? Giving shoppers a heads up on why you are selling your equipment can be greatly appreciated.

Don’t allow demonstrations: In most garage sales, it’s not unusual to allow shoppers to turn on a TV or other electronic equipment. However, you’ll want to put the brakes on allowing any demonstrations of your lawn care equipment during your sale. You don’t want someone to get hurt while trying out your lawn mower or trimmer, and you also don’t want your other sale items to break. Instead, follow the advice above and be forthcoming about the equipment’s condition with buyers.

Advertise your gear: If you want to attract fellow gardeners to your sale, consider upping the ante when it comes to advertising your sale. Placing ads on websites like Craigslist and can draw more attention to your sale. Don’t forget to include pictures of your lawn care equipment.

Sell excess garden accessories, too: Do you have plenty of leftover rocks from the pond you built in your yard, or have more than enough decking boards after building the deck of your dreams? You can sell the materials you no longer need at your garage sale alongside your lawn care equipment, too. Just explain to shoppers at your garage sale why you’re selling the excess materials.

Don’t forget the plants: Consider selling any extra seeds or plants you just couldn’t fit in your garden this year at your garage sale this fall. But before you divide up the unwieldy hosta plants or hedges, take a look at your state’s agriculture extension website for tips on which plants can be divided this season.

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