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How to Select the Home Curtain

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Home Furniture
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In our home, the curtain is really indispensable. It not onlyhelps to shade our rooms to protect our privacy, it also plays important role in home decorating. If you want to your home have good home decorating effect, you cannot ignore the selecting of curtain. Here are some tips for you to get the perfect home curtain.

1. Selecting curtain fabric
In general, you can select the curtain made from same material for your living room, bedroom and home office. If you do not know to choose the thick material or the thin material, it is better to choose the double-layer curtain: the inner layer using thin material, and the outer layer using thick material.Hereis a brief introduction of the material:

a. Light,transparent or translucent fabric:cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn,fine mesh fabric, lace and voile
b. Medium thickness opaque fabrics:cotton, nylonand blended fabrics,sloppy mesh cloth; slip surface fabrics,such as polishing chintz, polished cotton, antique satin, silk and taffeta and so on.

2.Selecting curtain style
There is a fabulous selection of curtainstylesin the market for you to choose. However, these styles have big connection with style of your home furniture and interior design. When selecting curtain style, make sure it match with your entire interior design style.

3.Select the pattern and color according the curtain style
The patterns and color has big influence on curtain style.
a. the main color tone should accord with the overall room color tone. Complementary colororapproximatecolors both can be suitable.
b. For living room and home office, you can choose the curtain with bright colors, which will make you feel inspired and easy to create a lively atmosphere. For bedroom,it is better to choose curtains in warm tones,which will be easier to create a warm atmosphere for sleep.
4.Selecting the curtain size
When determine the curtain size, the curtain size should be larger than the window size. If the window is too big, you can choose several smaller curtains which will look better than just hanging one big curtain.

There are some aspects you need to pay attention when buy the curtain.

  1. It is advisable to do the measurement in order to get more accurate size.
  2. Considering the cleaning of curtain, it is better to install the curtain after you finishing the complete home decorating. And considering it needs time to make the curtain, you’d better buy curtain several days in advance.
  3. Though the window gauze gives light feeling, its perceptivity is strong. You’d better add a layer of fabric behind the gauze.
  4. When calculating the total price, muse ensure with the salesman if the price contain fabric,track and other accessories.
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