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How to sculpt your face

There are a lot of resources for contouring, highlighting, and sculpting one's face. However, we thought it would be nice to have these beauty tips in one place for loyal readers to access and as part of our "Fabulous at Forty" series. Sculpting the face can add more depth, especially when preparing for parties, holidays, date night, and Valentine's day.

As we age, our bodies change shape. Shadows fall in different places than they did when we were younger. That is why contouring and highlighting are important to add to your makeup routines. Contouring and highlighting are a way to accentuate where the natural light and shadows fall. They are also great methods for creating depth and allusion of restructure.

We do not typically like to advertise products in our posts, because not everyone has the same brands. Some people highlight and contour after applying foundation and concealer. This author prefers to highlight and contour before foundation and concealer. It is preference. To get an idea before starting, look at your face in a mirror with the light. Try hiding some of the light at different angles. This will show you where natural highlighting and contouring would occur.

For highlighting, take a color that is two to four shades lighter than your natural skin tone and foundation shade. The lighter, the more dramatic. If you are very fair skinned, you can use white. Yes, it works. The Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., Marketing Assistant, Bianca Valme, is quite fair, so white is used on her skin tone for highlighting.

You will want to cover a small circular section in the middle of the forehead, a triangular area between the bottom of nose to inner corner and outer corner of eyes, a small dab above the Cupid's bow, and a small circular section in the center of the chin. Also apply a little to the brow bone under your brows and straight down the center of your nose. You can also add a little below the hollow of your cheeks.

For contouring, take a color that is two to four shades darker than your natural skin tone and foundation shade. The darker, the more dramatic. If you are very dark skinned, you can use black.

You will want to cover around the edge of the face including below jawbone and chin. Apply the contour color right under the cheekbone without going any further in than where your pupils are if you are looking straight ahead. If you want a more slimming effect to your nose, add the contour down the sides of the nose and a thin line under the nose.

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