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How to say goodbye for good

Sometimes after a break up or divorce, one or both of the parties try to remain amicable. This is how it should be especially if you have chi like children in the mix. However, for whatever reason, sometimes this cant be. This is always hardest on the person who is always trying to make peace.the problem is first person that was always trying to make peace they don't necessarily understand that they are crossing boundaries when they try to make peace.your boundary your man it only goes as far as you and your children.your ex partners boundary only goes as far as themselves and the children. Here is where you will meet.if one of you is not willing to meet halfway then there's absolutely no way for the two of you to communicate and to reach beyond that boundary is to go to going to fry you're only getting the other person more power and continuing to hurt yourself.all things work in time and those who try to destroy good never win in the end. Love yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself and most of all stop being afraid to move on.